Friday, February 02, 2007

Wellness Always a Concern

I'm really ticked that I don't seem to get my blood pressure under control. I became concerned about High Blood Pressure when my husband started having problems with his. I nagged him about what he was eating, his exercise routine and getting enough fresh air and rest. My mom even had a problem until l started tending to her.

Now, the only one in the house with High blood pressure (HBP) is ME! And I'm really ticked. I take joy in my health. I've always known that you can do nothing without good health. So I'm getting serious now. Too much sitting and not enough exercise that gets the heart rate up is one problem. I don't have any excuses with a certification in nutrition and wellness as well as a fitness certification. So you're going to start seeing a lot about the wellness aspects of writing and living on this blog. It might even transition to recipes and healthier wellness tips. But we can still write about that too.

Any suggestions for healthier HBP that you want to share?

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Beth Barany said...

Hi Consuelo, It sounds like you know exactly what to do. That's great! because knowledge is power. The only other thing I would add is to join some type of support group, either for exercise or good eating habits, or both. Maybe your local doctor can recommend something like that in your area.
All my best,